Graeme Jackson

Monday Feb 12, 2018. 13:00

Newcastle United winger Christian Atsu will be hosting a gala dinner in the English city in just over a month’s time as part of his duties as an ambassador for charity Arms Around The Child.

The fundraising event is set to be held on Wednesday, March 14, at The Hilton Gateshead in Newcastle, with BBC News presenter Jane Witherspoon presenting the event.

Operating in India, South Africa and Ghana, Arms Around The Child provides safe loving homes, protection, education and support to children living in extreme adversity.

The children are orphaned, abused, affected by HIV/AIDS, prey to those out to harm them, trafficked, sold or living in child-headed households.

The event hopes to raise enough funds to build a school in Atsu’s home country Ghana, to benefit orphaned children and their local community.

Ellie Milner, Arms Around The Child CEO said: “We’re certain that Newcastle’s strong sense of community and generosity will help make this event every bit the success we hope.

“We’re grateful for the support of our charity ambassador Christian Atsu, to help raise funds and drive awareness of the innocent, vulnerable children who desperately need our support.

“This school will help provide much needed stability and education to help improve lives and provide better futures.”

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