Following their meeting earlier in the week, the LFP Bureau has set the dates for the new play-off system that will be introduced in season 2016-17.

With the decision being taken last season to introduce play-offs as part of the promotion/relegation process between Ligue 1 and Domino’s Ligue 2 as of season 2016-17, the LFP Bureau followed up this week and adopted the week of 23 to 28 May, 2017 for the decisive matches.

The first legs of the play-offs will be played:
– Tuesday, 23 May for Domino’s Ligue 2
– Thursday, 25 May for Ligue 1

The return legs for both play-off fixtures will be played on Sunday, 28 May.

In charge of organising the broadcast rights for these matches, the LFP will approach the broadcasters and propose these dates. Definitive dates will then be adopted at the next meeting of the LFP’s Administrative Council.  

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