Spain are hoping to supply three UEFA Champions League semi-finalists this season, and that dominance is far from unusual.

If Barcelona, Real Madrid and Sevilla all claim last-four berths, it would be the sixth time one league has supplied three semi-finalists. Even if only two of that trio advance (as the first-leg results suggest), it would be the eighth year in succession that the Liga has had more than one team standing at that stage (Spain has not been totally absent from the semi-finals since 2006/07).

In having a trio of semi-finalists for the second time after 1999/2000 and last season, Spain would move to within one of England’s record of achieving that feat on three occasions, with only Italy in 2002/03 also having had that number. In those years, only England in 2006/07 and 2008/09 did not convert their three semi-finalists into a trophy win. sees which nations have had the most semi-finalists since the number of entries for the top leagues was increased to four in 1999/2000 and whether those countries were able to convert that advantage into one-nation finals.

Last season: Watch the Atlético-Real Madrid goals

Previous semi-finals: who had the most entries?

In all lists eventual winners shown in bold

2016/17: 2, Spain (Atlético Madrid, Real Madrid)
2015/16: 2, Spain (Atlético Madrid, Real Madrid)
2014/15: 2 Spain (Barcelona, Real Madrid)
2013/14: 2, Spain (Atlético Madrid, Real Madrid)
2012/13: 2, Germany (Bayern München, Borussia Dortmund); 2, Spain (Barcelona, Real Madrid)
2011/12: 2 Spain (Barcelona, Real Madrid)
2010/11: 2 Spain (Barcelona, Real Madrid)
2009/10: no nation had more than one
2008/09: 3, England (Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United)
2007/08: 3, England (Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United)
2006/07: 3, England (Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United)
2005/06: 2, Spain (Barcelona, Villarreal)
2004/05: 2, England (Chelsea, Liverpool)
2003/04: no nation had more than one
: 3, Italy (AC Milan, Internazionale Milano, Juventus)
2001/02: 2, Spain (Barcelona, Real Madrid)
2000/01: 2, Spain (Real Madrid, Valencia)
1999/2000: 3: Spain (Barcelona, Real Madrid, Valencia)

Classic all-Spanish semi-finals

Classic all-Spanish semi-finals

  • On three of the five previous occasions when three teams from the same country have made the semi-finals, there has subsequently been a one-nation final (2000, 20003 and 2008). Only twice have those finals not needed at least extra time, and in 2013 that was only after a last-minute winner.

One-nation UEFA Champions League finals

2015/16: Spain – Real Madrid 1-1 Atlético Madrid (aet, 5-3 pens)
2013/14: Spain Real Madrid 4-1 Atlético Madrid (aet)
2012/13: Germany – Bayern München 2-1 Borussia Dortmund
2007/08: England –  Manchester United 1-1 Chelsea (aet, 6-5 pens)
2002/03: ItalyAC Milan 0-0 Juventus (aet, 3-2 pens)
1999/2000Spain – Real Madrid 3-0 Valencia

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